Petition: Performance standards for shelters and pounds
Standards for the operation of shelters and pounds
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Brigitte Bardot sends a letter to Mayor Tremblay

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This is urgent!

Caramel is a great animal: fun, sweet, playful, sociable, fixed, clean and house trained. Not declawed but does not wreck furniture. He likes to go out, but I’m sure he would get used to staying in if he had to.
First and foremost, he loves people, even kids, and was brought up with another cat and a dog...he actually behaves somewhat like a dog, comes when you call, etc. I would have loved to keep him if it were possible.

So, it breaks my heart that he may end up there...and I am hoping we can find him a permanent home; even a temporary home while we keep looking for a permanent one would be a great alternative as it would save him.

Please contact Florence at: 514-695-2079 or 514-803-0013


  October 18th 2010,

Another amazing rescue by Refuge R.R.
Meet Joe, a stunningly georgeous healthy 5 year old Canadian, who is newly gelded and needs a new forever home, Joe is currently safe under the care of Refuge R.R. but he requires someone to step forward and assume his responsability so that the Refuge R.R. can go forward and save other equines. Joe needs someone who knows how to handle a newly gelded horse. Joe is very sweet but does not know what life is like outside, he lived in a stall for most of life as a breeder.

For more details about Joe, please contact Rose. The SQDA is a proud supporter of Rose and her organization the Refuge R.R.. Rose and her group saves horses and other creatures. If you don't know the refuge R.R. we encourage you to look them up.

The Canadian H.E.A.R.T (HorsE and Animal Rescue Team)



  Meet Minx the Manx! October 16th 2010

Hi! My name is Minx, and I'm a Manx cross. I'm about 2 years old, but I'm not sure (humans abandoned me, you see, and I don't know my date of birth). A kind lady rescued me when I was only 24 hours from dying. She took really, really good care of me: I got the little operation to sterilize me, and I got needles to make sure I stayed healthy. Unfortunately, because I was so sick when I was found, I have digestive issues, so I need special food. And because I was in the wild for so long, you also have to keep my food very regulated because I will eat just about anything that you leave out on a counter. I'm also a cat who needs to be alone in your home - I don't really like other cats, although I don't know about dogs. And I don't recommend that I be adopted in a home with very young children, 'cuz I can be a little touchy sometimes. I'm generally very affectionate, if dominant. The human who cares for me now already has several cats, and she knows that, while I am a cuddly little guy, I prefer being alone with my humans. She's really sorry she has to let me go, but it's for my good as well as the good of her other cats. She wants a modest adoption fee for me, but my medical records are available and I come with some food. Here's my picture for you to drool over! (do note my eyes are both green, just the Flash from the camera gives me that startling appearance).

For further info please contact my human: Dael at :

"My name is Zento and I am a 6 year old castrated male German shepherd.....I spent the first 5 years of my life living in a car, in a scrap yard....I was rescued from my life as a guard dog but nobody wanted me in their home so I have been living in a boarding facility for the past 6 months.. I don't want to live in a cage anymore...I see other dogs come and go and I long to be able to leave too. I want to play in the park and sleep on a couch with a human companion .I would really love to have a home.....I am sad and lonely...and I have done nothing wrong . If someone could just give me a chance, with time and patience I am sure we will grow to love each other.

An awesome rescue in the USA have agreed to take me but only when they have room.....which could be only in a year, maybe two. I do not think I can wait that long , my life is short

I will do anything for a home.....Can anyone help me?????? PLEASE "

if anyone can please help this poor fellow please contact


The Canadian H.E.A.R.T (HorsE and Animal Rescue Team)

This letter went out in the SQDA Bulletin that you may have received this week 

Posted October 31st 2009.

Dear members, here below In .PDF a letter to print, sign and sent to the Premier of Alberta bringing to his attention the plight of the wild horses in Alberta.

In addition to all the other indignities these beautiful wild creatures are subjected to by the hands of man including being caught for the purpose of sending them to the abattoir for their meat_ but they are now also the prey of some human (s) who are shooting them it would seem, just for some form of twisted entertainment.

In September of this year, another equine cadaver was found, bringing the body count up to 30 known deaths. If you wish to do something about the current situation, we suggest you write your own letter to the Premiers of Alberta and of Canada.

For further information about the subject or to send a donation to a group that is actively doing something about the problem and the welfare of Alberta wild horses in general: Wild

Horses of Alberta Society (W.H.O.A.S.),

Ph: 403-556-6167 , Box 70022, Olds, AB, T2H 0A3

Click here to download the document for printing.


Office of the Premier Attn: Premier Stelmach
Room 307, Legislature Bldg
10800 - 9th Ave Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6
Office of the Prime Minister Attn: Prime Minister Harper
80 Wellington St. Ottawa, ON K I A 0A2

Dear Premier Stelmach and Prime Minister Harper;

On April 28, 2009 three wild horses were found shot to death in the Foothills of Central Alberta. These were a pregnant mare, her yearling colt and a young stud. The colt was shot in the chest and ran up a hill for about 100 feet before collapsing. The stud had been shot in the stomach, and suffered a long agonizing death. His head was caught between two trees when he fell. The mare looked ready to foal within a day or two, and appeared to have gone into labour after she was shot, as her birthing sack was visible when she was found.

The RCMP and wildlife authorities are investigating the killings. It is believed that these horses were shot from a nearby road with a high-powered rifle. The death of these four, which includes the unborn foal, raises the total of 29 wild horses found shot since 2002*. How many others have been killed and not discovered or reported is anyone's guess.

 Senseless violence perpetrated against wild horses is a common occurrence in some parts of the USA, as exemplified in the 1998 "Reno Massacre" in Nevada, where thirty-four mustangs were gunned down. Canadians have come to think of our country as a kinder and gentler place the USA, maybe some what naively, but well in sync with the worlds perception of Canada. Considering that after all these deaths no one has ever been identified and charged with the crime, it is not difficult to perceive .a conspiracy of silence and a disconcerting lack of determination and political will on the part of those investigating these events.

Back in the 1960's Sable Island off the cost of Nova Scotia became a federally protected reserve for the wild horses whereas, in Alberta, they are deemed feral and covered under the Stray Animals Act. Why the difference in treatment? In regards to the horses being labelled feral by the provincial and federal governments what studies have been done to prove that they are indeed feral (domestic escapee's) and not wild?

Furthermore, there have been horse bones found in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan which are deemed to be 800 years old or older. The most recent find in the Yukon shows a horse that is radiocarbon dated 26,280 ± 210 years BP. Hence this makes the horses indisputably indigenous, to not only Alberta, but North America as well. In spite of all these scientific findings the federal and provincial governments still classify these horses as non-native. This biased attitude is totally unscientific, illogical, and unacceptable, please explain.

As a concerned citizen I am submitting this letter to express my grave concern and that of thousands of others over these senseless acts of violence, which lead to the unconscionable deaths of these unique creatures. 1 am imploring the federal and provincial governments to do the right thing and reclassify the Alberta wild horses as a distinct species, with their own special status, with protection comparable to that of other wildlife species, free of capture, harassment, abuse and death at the hands of man. I look forward to your response.

  • In September 2009, another cadaver was found, death determined to be due to gunshots, bringing the known equine body count up to 30.

Signé / signed. (P.S. Inclure adresse pour assurer crédibilité / Include address for credibility)



Here are some Christmas gift giving ideas from the SQDA.

Offer a loved one a membership to the SQDA.

Volunteer your time to a local pound or shelter over the holidays; they are especially busy at this time of the year. In the name of the animals the SQDA thanks you for the gift of your time.

Do you have extra or leftover animal accessories such as: collars, leashes, baskets, blankets, toys, food, litter, chew toys, etc? Donate them to a pet Shelter or to a Pound (The SQDA lists a few Shelters and Pounds on our home page, but please note this list is just an indication of a few of the Shelters and Pounds out there, donate where you will, but please give!).

How about making a donation to an animal welfare cause, group, Pound or Shelter in the name of a loved one.

Did you know that you can act as a sponsor to foster an exotic animal? For yourself or for a loved one. Sort-a-kind of like the sponsor of a foster child living in a foreign country program. Just to name one, the Quebec Fauna Foundation has an « adopt a chimp » program. Please look up their web site for details:

Or closer to home, how about sponsoring a horse? Your sponsorship would help pay towards the chosen animal's expenses, which include: feed, supplements, blankets, grooming products, vet bills, blacksmith, etc. It also pays for the upkeep of the pastures, shelters, and barns, which in turn benefits all the residents.

Do you know somebody who has a cat, which is not neutered or spayed and lets the feline roam freely outside? If this person can’t afford to pay for a spay or neuter, how about offering this as a Christmas present to them? Please get their authorization first before you do anything to their companion animal!! You will also be saving lives with this gesture!

Do you know someone who has a dog and they have trouble getting out, either because they have mobility problems or because of age restrictions? How about offering to walk their dog occasionally! Not only will the person be thankful to you, but you will get some exercise and the dog will adore you for it! Please remember to keep the dog on a leash and to pick up its deposits, in this way the neighbourhood will also be thankful to you!!

The SQDA wishes you the merriest of times and the best of health and much serenity over the holiday season.

Toni Andrea Belschner
764 boul. Union
Laval, Qc, H7X 1X6
Tél: 450-969-1919
Fax: 450-969-9257




The SQDA’s primary objective is to inform the public and promote knowledge and respect of all animal life in order to better protect the animals and to improve their living conditions.



Join the (SQDA), under the Presidency of honour of Mr Frederic Back!



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(in French only)
Frédéric Back
L'oeuvre et les gestes
April 12 to August 5, 2007

The Great Animator,

Frédéric Back  


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L'Atelier Frédéric Back vous souhaite un joyeux printemps !

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Help Animals Cheat Chilly Weather

This message was taken textually from PETA`s Web site:

The SQDA would like to thank PETA for making such very useful information available.

When the mercury plummets, animals need extra protection from the elements. Take the following precautions to ensure animals' safety:

• Bring animals inside, particularly puppies and kittens, elderly animals, small animals, and dogs with short hair, including pointers, beagles, Rottweilers, pit bulls, and Dobermans. Short-haired animals will also benefit from a cozy sweater or coat.

• Provide dogs with proper shelter. Doghouses should be made of wood or plastic (metal conducts cold) and positioned in a sunny location during cold weather. Raise the house off the ground several inches and put a flap over the door to keep out cold drafts. Use straw for bedding—rugs and blankets can get wet and freeze.

• Don't allow your cat or dog to roam freely outdoors. During winter, cats sometimes climb up under the hoods of cars to be near warm engines and are killed or badly injured when the car is started. (To help prevent this, bang loudly on the hood of your car before starting the engine.) Animals can also become disoriented when there is snow or ice on the ground. More animals are lost during the winter than during any other season.

• Increase animals' food rations during winter (they are burning more calories to keep warm). Also, be sure animals are free of internal parasites, which can rob them of vital nutrients.

• Buy antifreeze made with propylene glycol (brands include Sierra and Prestone Lowtox) instead of ethylene glycol, which is a deadly poison even in small doses. Animals are attracted to antifreeze because of its sweet taste, so be sure to promptly clean up spills.

• Clean off your dog's or cat's legs, feet, and stomach after coming in from the snow. Salt and other chemicals can make an animal sick if they are ingested while the animal grooms him- or herself.

• Provide a source of water for outdoor animals and wildlife (break the ice at least twice a day). Put water in a heavy bucket or bowl to prevent tipping.

• Keep an eye out for strays. Bring unidentified animals inside until you can find their guardian or take them to the animal shelter. If strays are wild or unapproachable, provide food, water, and shelter (stray cats will appreciate a small doghouse filled with warm bedding), and call the local humane society for assistance in humanely trapping them and getting them safely indoors.

• Call the humane society or animal control to report neglect. If possible, take pictures and write down dates and times the dog goes without food, water, or shelter. "Complain" about barking. Barking dogs are often lonely, neglected dogs. A common translation of "Arf, arf, arf" is "Hey, I'm lonely and bored and COLD out here!" Provide food, water, and toys for "forgotten" dogs and offer to donate a sturdy doghouse. Volunteer to take dogs for walks and bring them into your own house on cold nights.

How to Host Your Own Straw Giveaway

Buy bales of straw from your local "feed and seed" store. They will often give discounts on bulk orders. Take along the "cold-weather tips" listed above and post them.

Borrow or rent a large truck. (We rent a 14-footer.)

Approach a local supermarket or discount department store and ask for permission to set aside a section of its parking lot for your straw giveaway.

Send a media advisory to newspapers, radio and TV stations alerting them to the time, place, and date of the giveaway.

Bring along a tarpaulin to cover any leftover straw and leave it with a sign reading: "Free straw. Great bedding for dogs!"

Breaking the Chains

Did you know that continuously chaining dogs is illegal in Germany? Closer to home, Maumelle, Ark. and Camden, N.J., prohibit chaining dogs to doghouses or other stationary objects. Tucson, Ariz., has banned the use of ropes and chains to confine animals. In Washington, D.C., the Washington Humane Society considers chaining "unnecessary cruelty" and refuses to allow it.

Contact PETA for a supply of informative leaflets to distribute to owners of neglected dogs.


To become one of our supporter and receive our newsletters. Please register. Thanks


SPCA MONTREAL at : dogs, cats, and other small

animals, and

SPCA OF LAVAL: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and occasionally other animals
975 Bergar street, Chomedey, Laval, (450) 663-3266

LE BERGER BLANC : dogs and cats

ANIMAL RESCUE NETWORK: for the Greater Montreal area :

A shelter specializing in dogs and cats looking for forever homes.

Animal Rescue Network
P.O. Box 32203,
St. André Station
H2L 4Y5

A shelter focusing essentially on dogs and some cats and other small mammals in the Hudson, Vaudreuil, Rigaud and Greater Montreal are. They are currently on Global TV the first Monday of every month.

CHATOCAT: essentially for cats but they occasionally have dogs looking for good homes. Our Mission is to rescue, sterilize, and place stray animals in responsible homes while maintaining a no-kill policy. We encourage communities to actively respect animals, people and the environment through various educational media and events which we organize. "

CHAUMIÈRE POUR QUATRE PATTES:for dogs and cats in the Notre-Dame de Stansbridge area and beyond (South shore).450-296-4219


FOXY`S CANINE COMPANIONS: shelter for cats and dogs
Box 37, Hudson Heights, Qc. J0P 1J0,  Phone number : 514- 631-1191

Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions A registered charity. A small, Montreal-based group devoted to finding homes for abandoned and homeless cats and dogs.

Golden Retriever Rescue Quebec :

Tel: (please call only between: 10:00-21:00: (450) 465-1107

JODIE’S JIGGLEY PIGGLEY FARM:  Halfway House for Unappreciated Guinea Pigs!  Rescues, Adoptions & Pet Therapy
Beaconsfield, Quebec 514-697-5718
Adoptions available in Montreal & Ottawa areas


Refuge RR for Horses: rescues, rehabilitates and provides homes for abused, neglected and/or abandoned horses. They also provide peaceful retirement for horses who are no longer serviceable.

Refuge RR, Alexandria,Ontario Canada- Refuge RR for Horses in Alexandria.

Refuge RR for Horses
21305 Concession 10 RR 2, Alexandria ON, Canada K0C 1A0
Phone: 613-525-0049, Cell 514-777-6713 E-mail: 

Rosie's shelter adopts out mainly dogs.(Montréal and Suburbs)

SASHA`S DEN: cats and dogs:
A cat and dog shelter, the shelter is located in the De Lanaudière region 30 minutes north of Rawdon.

SPCA DE MONTÉRÉGIE :dogs and cats
A no kill shelter
located on the South Shore of Montreal, currently fundraising to build a new shelter for dogs and cats.

78 Chemin du Vide, Ste-Angele de Monnoir, Qc J0L 1P0

Tel:  (450) 460-3075 –

S.O.S. Miow

Helping abandoned cats and kittens in the area west of Montreal Island.

Tel : 514-453-7110

STERI-ANIMAL: for cats and kittens, lost and found and for information in general about cats:

Steri-Animal - Sterilization and pets'  adoption

BP 5362, Ville St Laurent, (QC) H4L 4Z9


Tel.: (514) 859-9008

Watchdog Committee (Chateauguay area and beyond for cats and dogs and other small furry and feathered friends)

WESTMOUNT CAT LADY: for cats and kittens


Wherever you live in Canada, if you wish to see a list of shelters and pounds nearest you, please go to

A directory of almost 900 pounds and shelters across Canada. 

For people residing in the greater Montreal area, wishing to adopt an animal or trying to find a lost pet, the SQDA encourages you to contact the following Pounds and Shelters, please note this list is not exclusive. 







 Do you have any suggestions ?      Please contact us.



  The Quebec Society for the Defence of Animals.

Office and Mailing address:
QSDA, 2287. avenue Old Orchard, bureau 4

Montréal (Québec)
H4A 3A7



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