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We are so proud to finally launch this new version of Frederic's Website!

PLEASE help us in visiting our new Website, we need your "hits" (please, spend few minutes exploring our new Website) and you, as our testing bench!
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Now we may search on the  Website for the entire 5,800 "never seen before works" in the totally new designed section: "Museum and research"

Please, have a look to our new section: "World Cultures", 
"Draw everything you see; this world will soon be gone!" In 1942, Frédéric’s mentor, Mathurin Méheut, urged his young student to record nature, the countryside and all the age-old crafts that would disappear with the mechanization and industrialization that followed World War II. Through these sketchbooks, travel diaries, gouaches, and book projects, rediscover a bygone way of life."

And for our young people at heart, like you, from 7 to 77: Mali, Frederic's dog is presenting an illustrated biography of  her best friend Frederic:

Also, we have  2 new free, biligual activity for the young ones, but adults are allowed to test their own skills!


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