We currently need people to help out the SQDA in many capacities.

The following is a list of the kind of help we are looking for 


-people to help us fundraise, we already have a number of fundraising projects in place, please see our Web Site for details;


-people to act as a liaison with other groups, such as Shelters in the Greater Montreal area, or with groups that are related to the Fauna or other groups that are animal related;

Proofreading and translating:

-proofreader for French text;

-proofreader for English text;

-translators from English to French and from French to English;


-people to help compile information for our Website, understand that before we put information on our Website it needs to be verified for many factors such as: that there is no conflict of interest with the mission of the SQDA, that it is a reliable source, that the source agrees to share the information with the SQDA, etc.;

-people who would like to compile international and or national and or provincial current events with regards to animals (such as press releases, news stories, etc.);

-people willing to write pertinent articles for the SQDA to be published either in our Newsletter or placed on our WEB site;

-people to help us compile information about Municipal by-laws with regards to animals;

-people to compile information with regards to good news about animal rights on the international or national levels;

-people to help compile information with regards to Canadian anti-cruelty laws (and proposed Bills) ;

-people to help compile information with regards to the laws and regulations pertaining to animal protection and welfare throughout Canada;

-people who would like to take the initiative to help create a project in Quebec that already exists in Toronto, Ontario.  This is an Animal crimes database, a database that is coordinated with the police to report cases of animal cruelty. This is specifically for flagrant cases of animal abuse and not just to report cases of neglect. Please consult the following WEB site for further information on this Ontarian Database;;


-The SQDA would very much like to have a Veterinarian as a Board Member or as a collaborator;

- Because of the mission of the SQDA we would like to have more Legal professionals willing to help us out;

-The SQDA would like to find someone who is able to offer us reasonably priced good quality colour photocopies for our projects, such as for our annual moving campaign poster;

The criteria to become a volunteer for the SQDA:

- A love for animals;

- Someone who understands our mission and respects it;

- Someone who works well with a team or solo, depending on the task;

- Someone who assumes responsibility well;

Please visit this subject heading periodically, it will undoubtedly be updated.

Thanking you for your interest in the SQDA.




  The Quebec Society for the Defence of Animals.

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Tel: (514) 524-1970



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