For customers of Lotomatique who buy tickets from Loto-Québec, alone or in group, do not forget you can help the Québec Society for the Defense of Animals (QSDA) by subscribing to ESPACE JEUX (formely Lotomatique), a simple and safe way that protects your earnings or those of your group members at no additional costs.

However, there has been a significant change since the beginning of year 2013, as you must now subscribe online via www.espacejeux.com. You must go to the website, become a member and buy tickets of Loto. It is important to indicate the number sda079 to be ensured that QSDA received the financial support. The number request for a non-profit organization (NPO) appears only if you buy tickets for a period of 6 months or more.

So, if you want to participate this way in a cause dear to your heart, do not hesitate to subscribe online at www.espacejeux.com. For information or help, call 1-877-999-5389.



1)      Become a member of Espace jeux by entering or going to the website of Loto-Québec,  www.espacejeux.com.

2)      Take at least a six months subscription or more on loteries, because it is only this way that the system ask if you want to participate in a non-profit organization (NPO). You mention the number sda079 in order to ensure that QSDA will receive amounts dedicated to animal welfare and protection of wildlife.

3)      For information and help, call at 1-877-999-5389.

Thank you for your support and we suggest that you promote to your friends and family this way of financing the QSDA as a positive alternative to animal welfare and protection of wildlife.   

Ghislain A. Arsenault

Président de la SQDA


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