Montréal, November 11th, 2013 

To the members of LOTOMATIQUE

Firstly, thank you very much for supporting the cause of animals by subscribing to LOTOMATIQUE. This way, the funds raised by this mean of financing have helped the Quebec Society for the Defense of Animals (QSDA) to fulfill its mission as effectively as possible.

As you are certainly aware, LOTOMATIQUE in its current fashion no longer exist. Loto-Québec has updated it and we have to use the web site if we want to subscribe to the different lotteries. Now, we have first to be a member of Espace Jeux in order to be able to buy Lottery tickets. Moreover, we have to buy Lottery tickets for a minimum period of 6 months or more if we want to participate in a cause like the Defense of Animals by subscribing to QSDA, a non-profit organization (NPO). The Espace Jeux site will ask if you want to participate to a NPO; you just have to indicate the number sda079 to be sure QSDA received a certain amount which will be used for the well being of animals.

Thank you for your support and we suggest that you promote it to your family and friends. This solution to help a Charity Organization by buying lottery tickets for at least 6 months is a positive alternative for the animal well-being and protection of the wildlife.  For more information, you can call 1-877-999-5389.

Yours truly,

Ghislain A. Arsenault

Président de la SQDA



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