We have tried to devise ways of fundraising while offering positive reinforcement in return to our members and friends of the animals. So not only are you helping us in our endeavours to help animals but you may also find something that could be of use to you. The following are some of our current projects and a proposed project for 2007 and we invite you to suggest other ideas or projects to us.

Understand that registered charities such as the SQDA must adhere to certain rules in order to maintain that status, so many fundraising ideas might be brilliant but unfortunately we cannot use them for the purposes of the SQDA.

We like to think that these are more or less passive ways of raising funds while offering a service in return for your much needed and greatly appreciated help.

1.    Entertainment Guide coupon book

2.    Lotomatique

3.    Agenda project for 2007





New in 2006, a grocery bag made of heavy duty canvas with a bilingual message, French on one side, English on the other: "True love exists... it has four legs and is waiting for you at a nearby shelter". The drawing is by Mr. Frédéric Back and the bag is made by " Les petites mains" an organization teaching skills and employing women who have recently arrived to Canada.  The cost per bag is $12.00.

T-shirts, with our moving campaign on the front and a list of 20 shelters on the back. T-shirts are available in several sizes (small, medium, large and x-large). The cost per T-shirt is $12.00.

Both bag and T-shirt can be picked up at several locations in the greater Montreal area, contact us for further information. Shipping is also possible, S&H will apply.

Contact us via email: info@sqda.org or telephone: 514-524-1970





The Entertainment® Book.
All NEW 2007 Books Now On Sale!

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We at the SQDA understand

1.      Entertainment Guide coupon book

Would you like to help the SQDA and save money at the same time, if so read on.

The SQDA is currently offering as a Fundraising campaign the sale of the book:

Guide de divertissement pour Montréal et environs.

The Entertainment guide for Montreal and surrounding areas.

The book has existed for many years (approx. since about 1964) and each year there is something new. The 2006 book is good from November 1st 2006 to October 31st 2007.

The book offers hundreds if not thousands of dollars of savings for restaurants, shopping, sports, theater, museums, movies, travel, car rentals etc and all for the Greater Montreal area.

The SQDA is authorized to sell this book and the price is $ 30.00

The SQDA will receive a commission for each book that we sell!

Please note that the Entertainment guide is available for other major Cities in North America, so if you don’t live in the Montreal area,  please don’t let that stop you from buying a book from us, we will gladly help get you a book for your area (if one is available).

If you are interested in the purchase of this book and helping the cause of animals at the same time please contact the SQDA:

SQDA, 847 rue Cherrier, bureau 102, Montréal, Qc, H2L 1H6,

Tel: : 514-524-1970,

Or through our Web site :WWW.SQDA.ORG or by our email: info@sqda.org


If you have received one of our newsletters in the past year, then you probably received one of Lotomatiques pamphlets enclosed with the newsletter. In the event that you did but you did not read the pamphlet or in the event that you don’t know what I am talking about, please read the following:

Do you buy lottery tickets?                     

Do you buy tickets on a regular basis?

Do you sometimes forget to check your ticket?

If you won would you like the SQDA to profit also because of your good fortune, AND THIS WITHOUT YOU LOSING ANY OF YOUR WINNINGS!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Lotomatique could be for you!

The SQDA has partnered with Lotomatique (from Loto Québec) to be able to benefit from winning tickets and all this at no additional cost to the winners.

Lotomatique has been offering this service to non-profit groups for several years now (since 1977 I think) and the SQDA has recently joined this interesting way of fundraising.

The way to join Lotomatique is easy, you fill out the pamphlet by checking off which Lottery tickets you would like to purchase and with the frequency of purchase, such as: 6-49 once a week, or 6-49 with extra twice a week, etc. Then you mail in your completed pamphlet with your coordinates and a cheque for the amount of tickets you will be buying for the next year or for the next six months, eg: one 6-49 once a week for a year = $104.00, 6-49 with Extra twice a week for 26 weeks = $ 208.00.

Please don’t forget to include the membership number of the SQDA to Lotomatique on your pamphlet, the SQDA number is : 600056

Your friends can join too; a single individual or several people can fill out the form. If you win, Lotomatique will automatically notify you of this happy fact and a percentage of the total of your winnings will be mailed to the SQDA, BUT IT IS LOTOMATIQUE THAT PAYS THE PERCENTAGE THAT WILL BE SENT TO THE SQDA, NOT YOU.

This way, you won’t miss a lottery, even while you are on vacation or away on business and you won’t miss out on an unclaimed ticket and the best yet is the SQDA receives $ while you are doing something that maybe you do anyway!

Understand that the SQDA is not encouraging people to gamble, we are suggesting that if you already buy lottery tickets here is an organized way in which to purchase them.

If you want to see just how many other groups also think Lotomatique is a nice way to fundraise, just google the word “Lotomatique” and see for yourself!!

If you would like to obtain a Lotomatique pamphlet please contact the SQDA at:

SQDA, 847 rue Cherrier, bureau 102, Montréal, Qc, H2L 1H6,

Tel: : 514-524-1970,

Downloadable version of Lotomatique from loto-Québec.



Fundraising project for 2007

Unfortunately due to lack of resources and personnel we were unable to get this project together for 2006 but next year…..

The SQDA is preparing an AGENDA.  A book to help plan your daily activities and at the same time packed with pertinent information with regards to animal issues and their welfare.

We will be compiling pertinent information to insert into this AGENDA, any help in any capacity for this project would be greatly appreciated.

Of course commercial or private sponsors would be most welcome as the cost to produce and publish such a project will be expensive. However we trust that this could become a useful tool to many and hopefully become a yearly project.

Should you like to contribute to this project either by a donation or as a volunteer or as a sponsor please contact the SQDA at:

SQDA, 847 rue Cherrier, bureau 102, Montréal, Qc, H2L 1H6,

Tel: : 514-524-1970,

Or through our Web site :WWW.SQDA.ORG or our email: info@sqda.org

The SQDA reserves the right to refuse any sponsor that may directly or potentially be in conflict of interest with the SQDA or its activities.

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